H.E. Pereira A. Silima - Ambassador
Ambassador of the United Republic of Tanzania in the Union of the Comoros

Bienvenue/Welcome to the official website of the Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania in the Union of the Comoros. In this website you will find all the relevant information as it pertains to investment opportunities in Tanzania. We have also been able to provide comprehensive information on tourism, trade, immigration and consular affairs. I am also pleased to announce that our new website has added new features to allow for a more robust and interacting experience for our users.

Some of the new key features that we have added is the Diaspora registration platform which allows for the Tanzania Diaspora living in the Comoros to register in our data base without having to come to the Embassy. Recognizing our unique position of being in a Francophone country we have also made it our mission to have a website that caters to the French speaking population in the Comoros.

Tanzania and Comoros have a lot in common the two countries are not only share geographical proximity but are also interconnected in language, culture, tradition and customs.  Almost one in ten Comorian can claim to have relatives that live in Tanzania especially in Zanzibar. It is therefore the expectation of the Embassy that the relation that exist between our two countries will continue to strive for many more years to come. We have witnessed over the course of the last three years trade relations between Tanzania and Comoros make remarkable improvements, this is thanks in part to the Embassy effort in providing a platform for the business community from both countries to be able to meet and discuss on the ways in which to improve the business environment. Through the 1st and 2nd Tanzania and Comoros Trade Summit we have witnessed exponential growth in the trade of goods and services between Tanzania and Comoro.

In conclusion I would like to welcome you all to take a moment and indulge in our new website it is our hope that you will find this website to be a very useful tool for accessing information as it pertains to the investment opportunities in both Tanzania and Comoros. When visiting the Comoros please feel free to also visit our Chancery Offices where you will be met by our team of dedicated staff who are willing to provide clarification on any inquiries that you might have.

Karibuni Sana
Merci Boucoup
Marhaba Menji.

Ambassador H.E. Pereira A. Silima
Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania in the Union of the Comoros